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Eleanor Hyde

I’m a dedicated PhD Student and Research Associate at the University of Sheffield’s Department of Psychology, where I pursue my passion for understanding cognitive plasticity. My research focuses on the potential of interventions which may enhance cognition, such as cognitive training and engagement in leisure activities, particularly exploring the impact of FirstPerson Shooter (FPS) gameplay.

With two years of experience as a meticulously organised Research Associate, I have contributed significantly to a large-scale international cognitive training study. I am equally passionate about teaching and mentorship, having taught and supervised students at both the Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels, fostering their academic growth and development.

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2021 - Present

PhD Psychology

The University of Sheffield

Topic: The cognitive correlates of FPS games. Supervised by Dr Claudia von Bastian, Dr Dan Carroll and Prof. Robert Schmidt.

2019 - 2021

MSc Cognitive Neuroscience and Human Neuroimaging

The University of Sheffield

Modules: Fundamentals of Neuroscience, Fundamentals of Cognition, Neuroimaging 1&2, Neuroanatomy, Systems Neuroscience, Data Analysis and Visualisation.

Research Project: Action video gamers’ task switching and processing speed abilities: a mixed method investigation. Supervised by Dr Claudia von Bastian.


BSc Psychology

The University of Hull

Modules: Research Skills, Neuroscience, Cognition & Development, Social Psychology & Autism, Individual Differences, Psychological Wellbeing, Health Psychology, Global Challenge.

Research Project: An investigation into attentional bias towards academic threat words among high- and low-test anxious university students. Supervised by Dr Henning Holle.

Professional Skills

  • Project Management and Organisation

  • Data Collection and Management

  • Advanced Statistical Analysis

  • Written and Verbal Interpersonal Skills

  • Cross-Disciplinary and International Collaboration

  • Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving

  • Team Leadership

  • Teaching and Supervision

  • Presentation Skills

  • Technical proficiencies: R, GitHub, Tatool-Web

Academic Experience

July 2022 - October 2024

Research Associate

The University of Sheffield

International ESRC-funded project titled: “Cognitive Training Effects Across the Adult Lifespan: A Diffusion Modelling Approach.” In this role, I managed and implemented the study design, coordinated day-to-day data collection and managed the hiring, training and supervision of Research Assistants. Data collection involved the administration of the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA), as well as computer-based cognitive tasks and questionnaires to participants aged 18-85 years. Additionally, I analysed data using advanced statistical methods and computational models employing version control and collaboration tools (GitHub), as well as contributing to the dissemination of findings at conferences and through publications.

May 2022 - July 2022

Research Assistant

The University of Sheffield

Developed a series of video tutorials which covered key features and functionalities of Tatool-Web ( a free, open-source research software package for implementing and conducting online and offline behavioural experiments), from basic setup and installation to linking with other experimental software necessary for data collection.

2019 - Present

Postgraduate Research

The University of Sheffield

Collected both in-person and online data for multiple research projects focused on the unique population of FPS video game players, including highly expert Professional players of the popular FPS game Counter-Strike. These studies involved a range of computer-based cognitive tasks and questionnaires designed to assess and quantify Counter-Strike expertise level. The data collection process involved coordinating and building connections with gaming communities and professional teams to facilitate recruitment and promote research.

Additional Roles

  • Research Culture Steering Board Member (2023 - Present)

  • Psychology Postgraduate Research Students Academic Representative (2021-2023)

  • Psychology Postgraduate Research Students Society Inclusion Officer (2021-2022)

Teaching & Supervision

January 2024 - May 2024

Graduate Teaching Assistant

The University of Sheffield

Implemented and supported teaching on the Level 3 Undergraduate model Coding for Psychologists (PSY31008). This module introduced principles and applications of R for psychological research data, consisting of weekly lab classes and end-of-course assignments relating to their data. My responsibilities included answering email queries, supporting students throughout the module, marking coursework and participating in regular teaching meetings with teaching colleagues.

February 2024 - March 2024

Graduate Teaching Assistant

The University of Sheffield

Marked coursework on the Level 1 Undergraduate Cognitive Psychology (PSY1002) module. This module provided an overview of the core components of cognition and the principles of their investigation.

2021 - 2024


The University of Sheffield

Supervised and marked two Research Projects from Cognitive Neuroscience MSc students. Both projects investigated the cognitive correlates of FPS play: the first assessed processing speed and working memory, and the second assessed processing speed and Hebbian learning.


Hyde, E. R. A., Carroll, D. J., Schmidt, R., & von Bastian, C. C (in Prep). Processing Speed and Multitasking performance in FPS players: a Drift-Diffusion Model approach.

Hyde, E. R. A. & Jiang, S. (2024). Tackling Cognitive Decline in Late Adulthood: Cognitive Interventions. Current Opinion in Psychology, 56(101780).


Memory & Attention Laboratory, University of South Dakota 2024 "Processing speed and multitasking in FPS players: a drift-diffusion model approach”

Psychology Research Fair, University of Sheffield 2024 "Processing speed and multitasking performance in Counter-Strike players: a cross-sectional study"

Symposum on Cognitive Abilities & Plasticity (SoCAP), University of Sheffield 2024 "Processing speed and multitasking in counter-strike players: a drift-diffusion model approach”

Faculty of Psychology, Universitas Indonesia 2023 “Cognitive Correlates of first-person shooter gaming”

BTEC Esports, Sheffield United Community College 2023 "Researching Videogaming & Esports as a Window to Cognitive Plasticity"

OpenFest, University of Sheffield 2022 "Tatool-Web Support and Interface for Experimental Code"


4th International Conference on Working Memory (ICWM) 2024 - Leeds, UK. “A crosssectional study of Hebb repetition-learning in first-person shooter game players”

Psychonomics Society 2023 - San Francisco, USA. “Methodological challenges of videogame research”

European Society for Cognitive Psychology (ESCOP) 2023 - Porto, Portugal. “Cognitive correlates of action video gaming: a cross-sectional study of counter-strike players”

Psychonomics Society 2022 - Boston, USA. “Cognitive correlates of action video gaming: a cross-sectional study of habitual and professional counter-strike players”

Learning and Plasticity (LaP) 2022 - Äkäslompolo, Finland. “The association between video game expertise and processing speed, task mixing and switching in counter-strike players”



  • Psychonomics Society

  • European Society for Cognitive Psychology (ESCoP)

  • Women in Cognitive Science (WiCS)

  • Cognitive Ability and Plasticity Lab (CAP Lab)

  1. Dr Claudia von Bastian - PhD Supervisor & Research Associate ManagerThe University of Sheffield, UK

  2. Dr Rhianan Ellis – GTA Manager The University of Sheffield, UK

  3. Dr Dan Carroll - PhD Supervisor The University of Sheffield, UK

  4. Prof. Robert Schmidt - PhD Supervisor Ruhr Universität Bochum, Germany​

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