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von Bastian, C.C., Hyde, E. R. A., & Jiang, S. (in press). Tackling Cognitive Decline in Late Adulthood: Cognitive Interventions. Current Opinion in Psychology.

Hyde, E. R. A., Schmidt, R., Carroll, D., & von Bastian, C. C. (in preparation). Cognitive correlates of action video gaming: a cross-sectional study of Counter-Strike players.

Hyde, E. R. A., Reinhartz, A., Jiang, S., Belleville, S., Strobach, T., & von Bastian, C. C. (in preparation). Processing speed in first-person shooter and non-video game players: a drift-diffusion model approach.

Hyde, E. R. A., Runge J., Stafford, T., & von Bastian, C. C. (in preparation). Learning in a mobile video game.

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